You might say our senior Elementary students are veterans when it comes to programming and coding; for years our students in Grades 3 to 6 have been programming robots with Technology Educational Coordinator Rabbi Sorin Rosen, while Grades 4 to 6 look forward to the annual Hour of Code with Director of English Studies and Technology Integration Elyse Haber. On Tuesday it was Grade 1’s turn to be introduced to coding at an Ozobot workshop run by librarian Zehava Cohn. “With Ozobots, students use the most basic of tools – white paper and markers – to begin learning the basics of coding,” said Mrs. Cohn. “Our Grade 1 students were the programmers, telling the Ozobot computers how to move [with their drawings]! From this basic introduction, the Ozobot learning can grow to the next step with block-coding on the computer. It is very exciting!” Thanks to a generous library donation from the Jegher and Hollander families in appreciation of Grade 1B teachers, the librarians were able to purchase two Ozobots to add to the two in their collection. Mrs. Cohn intends to enable all Elementary students to explore these pocket-size wonders during the remainder of the year. Pictures

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