Message from the Director of Enrollment and Family Engagement


Dear Hebrew Academy Families,

I am delighted to welcome new and existing families to our Hebrew Academy.

As a parent of three HA alumni and one High School student, I am happy to share my passion for our school.

Hebrew Academy provides our students with a safe and happy environment where they have the opportunity to shine in their own special and distinct way. From Limudei Kodesh to secular studies, diversity and inclusion are encouraged.

We strive for excellence in both domains and build on the importance of forming meaningful relationships. From the Rabbanim to the administrators and teachers, we believe in raising the self-esteem of every child – where every child deserves a champion – an adult that stands by their side.

These are but a few examples of the ways in which we strive to make every student feel like a significant part of our school and in turn of our community.

In order to help you better, please fill out this form and it would be my pleasure to reach out to you shortly.

Finally, HA can be described in a simple but worthy way, from a teaching in Pirke Avot: “Beautiful is the study of Torah along with Worldly Pursuit.” (2:2)

Wishing all our families a wonderful year ahead,

Nathalie Laredo
Director of enrollment and family engagement

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