A Place to Discover

At Hebrew Academy, every Elementary student has the opportunity to visit the library at least once a week. During weekly scheduled library times, youngsters hear stories read-aloud—picture books, fairy tales, stories by Jewish authors, and others — and borrow books from our English, French, and Hebrew collections to take home and enjoy. For them, the library is a place to discover their favourite characters, from the first ones that touch their hearts, such as Pete the Cat, Blue Kangaroo, and Olivia, to the ones they discover on their own, such as Dragon Masters, Nancy Clancy, and Harry Potter. And for our readers who love reading about space, bridges, Chagall, PK Subban, and dinosaurs? Our non-fiction collection offers exciting volumes for readers of all ages and levels.  

In our library, Secondary students have access to computers for both individual and collaborative work, a large collection of books to choose from for their leisure interests and study (sometimes from their own recommendations!), and an inviting, casual environment to spend their lunch break. Renovated in 2012 to reflect a modern learning environment—thanks to the vision of Hebrew Academy Executive Director Linda Lehrer — the J.L and Rachel Gewurz Library is a place where students can both discover a love for literature and a warm, comfortable place to hang out.

“We’re excited to move forward technologically as we continue to curate our amazing collection of books,” says Head Librarian Zehava Cohn. “In the past few years, we have purchased Ozobots — and with them teach beginner’s coding to Grades 1 through 4 — and introduced Breakout EDU to classes from Kindergarten through to High School. We have a new collection of Micro:Bits, and thanks to a generous grant from one of our student’s grandmothers, we were also able to purchase five VR headsets. All these technologies enable the students to make deeper connections with their learning and we are proud to make pursuing EdTech innovation a priority.”

Our library is a place of exploration—whether within a book or through advanced technology—and we are here to provide a vibrant and engaging place for curious minds.

It’s all in our library.

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