School Rabbi's Message

One of my favourite Chassidic masters, the last Slonimer Rebbe, teaches in his Netivei Chinuch (Essential Perspectives on Education):

“Our schools, which are dedicated purely to Torah sanctity, may be likened to diamond workshops wherein master craftsmen process raw diamonds, bringing out their shine and luster. Success at producing this dazzling gem is, of course, dependent on the expertise of the craftsman. However, the crucial factor is that he be vitally aware that he is dealing with precious stones. He must realize that the slightest mistake or oversight on his part can cause irreparable damage.”

At Hebrew Academy we are entrusted with precious unfinished diamonds.

It is our objective to view these gems as such and our goal is for our students to see themselves as such. We aim to work together with parents to bring out that beautiful luster. When we welcome Jewish children into HA, we, of course, treat every student as they are in the moment, and perhaps more importantly we aim to see them as what they could be, what they might be, each according to his or her uniqueness.

It is our role as educators, administrators and staff, to create the atmosphere, the context, the space, the opportunities for every student to begin their path towards revealing his or her one of a kind, God given potential.

At HA we are committed to guiding our students through the acquisition of Torah and general knowledge, the development of enthusiasm in Avodat Hashem and commitment to action through mitzvot.

Ultimately we hope students will feel empowered to find their unique place within and to contribute to our HA school community, our wider Jewish community, and humanity –ultimately, allowing that luster to shine.

Welcome to our HA diamond workshop, we thank you for the privilege.


Rabbi Eddie Shostak
School Rabbi

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