At Hebrew Academy, we value the development of the whole child. Various extra-curricular activities aimed at enriching school life are offered during and after school hours.

Programs and opportunities include:

  • Grade 6 boys’ and girls’ basketball teams as part of the YM-YWHA Wolves Elementary School Basketball League
  • GMAA (Greater Montreal Athletics Association) HALO Road Race
  • Grade 5 Maccabia
  • Big and Little Buddies program
  • Assemblies, games, treats and special mesibot in honour of chagim and rashei chodashim
  • Grade 4 Annual Zimria (Festival of Montreal Jewish Day School Choirs)
  • Annual Chidon HaTanach (Bible Competition)
  • Kollel Torah Mitzion Bekiut Club
  • Grade 6 Bat-Mitzvah Program
  • Living Legacy workshops about holidays and mitzvot
  • Unique outings and fascinating visitors
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