English Language Arts

The English Language Arts program in High School encompasses literature, the acquisition of writing skills and grammar, vocabulary-building and the use of multimedia. Our units are based around specific pieces of literature, which are used to encourage proper language usage in both oral and written work. Through this method, vocabulary is enriched and strengthened while enhancing understanding of specific themes. Students are exposed to a well-rounded variety of  classic novels, modern pieces of writing and short stories.

Developing overall writing skills is a priority in Hebrew Academy High School. The following types of essays are assigned at each grade level in order to ensure students’ proficiency at the post-secondary level.

  1. Persuasive
  2. Argumentative
  3. Research Paper
  4. Personal Narrative
  5. Public speaking
  6. Expository

English teachers work closely with Head Librarian Norma Newman and her team to develop grade appropriate reading lists that are meant to be used by the students throughout the school year. A minimum of three books from this list must be read.

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