Math & Science

The Mathematics and Science Department at Hebrew Academy offers a strong academic program that exceeds the Ministère de l’éducation du Québec (MEQ)   requirements.  Our objective is to properly prepare students for post-secondary  education in their chosen career paths and to produce informed members of society who are mathematically-competent and have an appreciation for the sciences.

In Mathematics, our courses develop skills in computation, geometry, trigonometry, mathematical modelling, algebra, functions, statistics and probability. The Math program also focuses on developing competencies in mathematical reasoning, communication, and solving complex problems.  Enrichment is offered in Grades 8 through 11 to increase the breadth of students’ learning.

The Science program develops knowledge in four major areas: the material world, the living world, earth and space, and the technological world.  Each year, from Grades 7 through 10, students expand their knowledge in each of these areas and build on prior learning.  Chemistry and Physics are offered to Grade 11 students interested in pursuing a Science track.  Students are evaluated on their acquisition of theoretical knowledge as well as on the development of competencies in the areas of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Both Mathematics and Science are matriculation subjects.  As such, Grade 10 students must pass a MEQ exam in each of these courses. Under the guidance of consultants from the school board, our team of educators ensures that the MEQ programs are implemented at all levels to properly prepare our students for these exams.

In addition to the regular curriculum, students have opportunities for enrichment in both Math and Science by participating in the school’s Annual Science Fair, the Hydro Quebec Montreal Regional Science Fair, the Shalhevet Freier Physics tournament, and the University of Waterloo Mathematics and Sciences competitions.

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