History and Citizenship

History classes allow students to better understand the present by studying the past; they also equip students to participate in community life in a democratic and open manner.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

• Examine social phenomena from a historical perspective
• Interpret social phenomena using the historical method
• Develop a civic awareness through the study of history

Cycle One students study general history from sedentarization to today. In Secondary III, students learn Canadian history from its very beginnings in 1840. Students use the textbook Carnet d’histoire by Julie Charrette and Marie-Josée d’Amour in Cycle One and Périodes by Charette, Jean, Fortier, Péloquin and Rousseau in Secondary III.

Classes incorporate a variety of teaching tools including theoretical lessons, PowerPoint presentations, films, newspaper and magazine articles, group discussions, readings, oral presentations and individual and group research assignments.

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