The Mathematics Program at Hebrew Academy is designed to teach students the necessary skills to develop their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Students learn through experimentation, discovery and collaboration with their peers and are encouraged to solve problems in a creative manner, as critical thinkers making connections to real life situations.  Our teachers differentiate Math instruction in order to meet students’ unique needs. Hebrew Academy students receive 5 1/2 hours of Math each week.

Our curriculum focuses on several areas:

  • Numeration and number sense
  • Data Management and Probability
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Patterning and Fractions

Our core text is Nelson Math. We use the Digits (Cycle 1), Numbers (Cycle 2) and Decimals (Cycle 3) programs to complement the curriculum and incorporate their interactive software. This program has been built to follow Quebec’s Progression of Learning.

Technology plays a big part in our Math curriculum. Every class has a Smartboard where lessons are introduced and students can manipulate and interact with the material presented. Our Elementary School owns 50 laptops, 75 Chromebooks and over 100 iPads which are used to reinforce Math concepts and differentiate content and process.

Students in Grades 1 to 6 participate in enriched Math activities as well as compete in the Quebec Math competition each spring.

Our teachers focus on building self confidence and on helping our students develop a positive approach to Math.

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