Hebrew Academy is a special place, a shining example of a school that prides itself on a well-rounded Modern Orthodox education, both secular and religious, infused with an intellectual and spiritual desire to learn. All this tied together with a love of Israel and community at its core.

As a parent of three Hebrew Academy graduates and one in Grade 10, I am proud to be part of the HA community. Every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential, and alongside a loving family, a good education is the most basic element of a secure and fulfilling life.

Our school prides itself on the many goals and achievements both in the secular and Torah world of our students and graduates. These outstanding accomplishments do not come effortlessly. As our students strive for excellence they are guided by the unwavering hard work of our dedicated head of school, principles, teachers, administrators, and volunteers.

As a school, as a community, and as part of Am Yisrael, we are experiencing very challenging times, but with our inspirational team of educators, our supportive parents, our incredible student body, and Hakadosh Baruchu’s help, we will have an exemplary school year.

I deeply believe in the power of our community. Let’s make this school year one to remember — not for its challenges, but for the way we come together during a challenging time and shine.

We value all our parent participation and welcome any and all new volunteers who would like to contribute their time, talents, and expertise.

Wishing you all a year of health and hatzlacha!

Meir Israel



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