Judaic Studies

ttHebrew Academy’s rich Judaic Studies Program aims to imbue our children with a strong sense of Jewish identity, a love of Israel, and an ardent commitment to Shmirat Hamitzvot. Our program goes beyond comprehensive textual learning and includes exciting hands-on activities and experiences both in and out of the classroom that teach our students how to live and love what they learn. Our program is complemented by visits to seniors’ residences, volunteering for non-profit organizations like MADA and Friendship Circle, holiday workshops and multi-media presentations.

Our goal is for our students to acquire the foundations to live a Torah lifestyle and to be passionate lifelong Torah learners, interested in playing active leadership roles in the community.

Our Bnot Sheirut and Kollel Torah Mitzion Shlichim further enhance our curriculum by bringing Yahadut to life.

The Judaic curriculum includes daily tefilla, Chumash, Navi, Hebrew language, Dinim, Minhagim and Limudei Eretz Yisrael. Instruction on Hilchot Tefillah and Kavanah as well as explanations of tfillot are the focus of the Tefillah curriculum. By Grade 6, students are fluent in all of Tefillat Shacharit, Hallel and Musaf Rosh Chodesh. Special Tefillot are added during the yearly cycle of holidays and other commemorative days. The Chumash program encompasses the study of skills and content, including the gradual addition of various commentaries on the text.  Our Hebrew language program enables students to study our Jewish texts and to communicate both orally and in writing. The study of Navi begins in Grade 4, while Mishna is introduced in Grade 5. Middot tovot and derech eretz are woven throughout all aspects of the curriculum.

Hebrew Academy utilizes the Tal AM curriculum in Grades 1 to 6. The structure of the Tal AM program is based on the notion that the best learning environment for children is one in which knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities, using each of the five senses. In addition to studying from textbooks, students benefit from music, games and visual aids to master the Hebrew language and to develop a keen understanding of Jewish concepts and values. Students’ Hebrew and heritage literacy is honed gradually, whereby new ideas are added to their existing knowledge-base. In addition to the Tal AM curriculum, our teachers enrich the program with additional sources, material and texts.

By making the study of Hebrew and Judaism relevant to our children’s everyday lives, the Judaic Studies Program fosters students’ appreciation of their heritage and an understanding of the imperative for lifelong Jewish study. It enables students to live what they learn.

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