by Richard Bond, Project Coordinator and High School French Studies Department Head

As part of the Hebrew Academy, a cleaner and more welcoming school multi-disciplinary project, our High School students have been busy with various activities in the last few months:

* Grade 11 students created trilingual advertisements to promote our project slogan: Respecting the environment, Respecting ourselves, and respecting others. (French)

* Grade 10 students built cardboard posters to inform others of what can be recycled, what can be composted and what must be put in the garbage, as well as how to dispose of medical supplies. (French)

* Grade 9 students produced videos about wasting and recycling from a Jewish ethical perspective. (Ethics and Religious Culture)

* Grades 7 and 8 visited the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (SMEC). (French, Geography, Science)

* Grade 8 students will create sculptures out of recycled materials in Art class.

* As part of their Geography curriculum, Grade 7 students are currently working on an advertising campaign to promote the three R’s: REDUCE (the amount of products we use), REUSE (parts of a product before throwing it out) and RECYCLE (raw materials).

The Green Committee, led by the Student Council and guided by teachers Tia Ayrton and Simon Forget, has worked towards eliminating the use of styrofoam products in the school. Each teacher has received a mug to replace styrofoam cups and students will each receive a reusable bottle; these have been largely financed by the Green Committee and Hebrew Academy. Recycling bins and trash cans will be added to the cafeteria and to hallways, to ensure that the cafeteria is clean after each meal and that after recess there is no trash lying around on the hallway floors.

Other initiatives are also in the works as we work toward a cleaner and more welcoming school. We also hope to educate all those who visit Hebrew Academy about the importance of respecting the environment, and the wonders of the world.

Please click here to view some of the projects our students in Grades 10 and 11 have completed to date.

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