We Are One.

One School. One Family. One Community.

Help us safeguard the quality of our outstanding education. Ensure the transmission of Modern Orthodox values and build the leaders of tomorrow.

Join the All-In 2020 Campaign

Invest in our future

Hebrew Academy’s All In campaign is OURS. Each of us can make a difference.
Please give generously. Every dollar counts!

We are excited to announce the launch of HA’s 2020 All In Campaign! Our goal is to reach $300,000. With those funds, Hebrew Academy can continue to provide our children with an unparalleled educational experience that prioritizes Jewish Life, strong academics, Torah values and derech eretz, to name a few.

Our focus this year is on reaching 100% parent participation. Every donation counts. We need all 300,000 of you – every single dollar matters and brings us closer to our goal. You can give a straight donation and you can also buy raffle tickets for great prizes! Our raffle will take place on May 12, Lag Ba’Omer.

Please answer the call in the coming weeks and say, “Yes!”

We need you to make it happen! Join us and be All In!

Martine Cohen & Ami Drazin

Development Committee Co-chairs

Our children benefit from invaluable programs, services and supplemental offerings that are only made possible through donors like you:

Tuition Assistance

We are committed to providing an outstanding Jewish education and services to all families, regardless of their financial resources.  Last year alone, Hebrew Academy proudly allocated $1.2 million in tuition assistance to needy families.

Help us to ensure that no child is left behind.

Student Life

Through their participation in our rich extra- and co-curricular activities like our Big and Little Buddies Program, annual Shabbaton and outings to places of cultural and historic interest, our students cultivate lifelong friendships and strengthen both their personal and Jewish identities.

Help us to enrich students’ school lives by supporting new and continuing initiatives.

Academic Resources

Whether they are in need of emotional, physical or academic support, assistance is available for all students in the form of human, technological and physical resources. Whether consulting with our nurse, guidance counsellors or librarians; utilizing our state-of-the-art-technology and learning tools; or benefitting from our sensory and resource rooms, our students thrive in an environment that has been set up for their success. 

Help our children to thrive by facilitating their continuous academic growth and development.

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