by Celia Natanblut, English, ERC and Drama Teacher, Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Lead Teacher

A number of Grade 10 and 11 Hebrew Academy students recently got a taste of life as a member of the United Nations. Miri Benedikt, Sarah Elkaim, Eden Oliel, Naomi Ovadia, Naomi Bouhadana, Leah Pisarevsky, Myriam Benchaya, Noa Cohen, Rebecca Benchaya, Gita Margolese, Zach Rehany, Michael Benlolo, Elie Amar, Shmueli Perton, Jordan Silver, Nathanial Ouzana and Meir Hersson-Edery participated in the Jewish Canadian Youth Model United Nations (JCYMUN) conference in Montreal from February 28 – March 1.

JCYMUN was created to encourage Jewish youth to participate in the Model UN experience and to prepare them to become engaged, future global leaders. In addition to gaining an understanding of international relations and global issues, students have the opportunity to develop debating, public-speaking and critical-thinking skills, all while connecting with similarly-committed peers. Each student was assigned a country to represent on a UN committee. Over the course of three months the students researched their countries geopolitical interests, allies and enemies, under the guidance of English Department Teachers Jackie Douek and Celia Natanblut.

Our students did an outstanding job in representing Hebrew Academy as intelligent, insightful and articulate speakers and demonstrated exceptional midot throughout the conference. A special Mazal Tov to Grade 10’s Noa Cohen who won Honorable Delegate for representing Spain on the UNICEF committee. Yasher Koach to all of our delegates.

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