By Dr. Laura Segall, High School Principal, and Chantal Bouganim Roditi, R.D., B.Sc.

As part of their Science course, Grade 9 students participated in the first of three joint sessions with  nutritionist Chantal Bouganim Roditi  (HA alumna ’02), where they learned about Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating  and food labels.

Throughout the series, students will explore the following:

  • Portion sizes: How much is one food guide portion equivalent to as well as how to apply recommended amounts in one’s everyday diet
  • Healthy Plate Model: How to combine food groups into balanced meals
  • How to read Nutrition Facts and use them to compare and determine which foods make healthy choices
  • Understanding nutrient and health claims found on packaged foods
  • Popular fad diets: Dangers and implications of diets such as the South Beach diet, Atkins, Cabbage soup diet, Cookie diet and Blood Type diet
  • A closer look at common diet and nutrition myths: A clarification of some of the information that is disseminated by media about food, diseases and weight-loss (“superfoods”, gluten-free foods, trans fats, GMO’s, organic food)

The studens will also visit  a local supermarket to understand how they are set up and where to find the foods recommended by Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating.

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