by Elyse Haber, Elementary English Studies and Technology Integration Coordinator

Mrs. Leona Lands’ Grade 2B English class recently got up close and personal with Icky the elephant from the Center for Elephant Conservation in central Florida via Skype. Beyond their first-hand view, the students learned various facts about elephants and their adaptations. Icky was very cooperative and showed off all of his different parts! The children were invited to ask questions and even took a picture with him posing in the background! Thanks to the wonderful people at the center for taking time out of their day to teach our students about the importance of protecting these majestic animals!

The exciting online session was the culmination of a weeklong mini unit on elephants, during which all students created media projects exploring these amazing mammals. Please click here to visit Mrs. Lands’ Grade 2 blog and see photos of their Skype session. Click on students’ names on the right to view their media projects.


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