In honour of  Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, our Grade 6 boys and their teachers Rebbe Binyomin Aisenstark, Mrs. Sheri Gray and Mr. James O’Hagan are visiting the JEM workshop this morning. JEM is an adapted workplace that employs individuals with intellectual and physical challenges. These valuable employees contribute to society, while working and living to their utmost potential.

Following a tour and information session presented by the JEM workshop director Danny Kaye, the boys are now volunteering in the workshop alongside the adults with special needs.

“There will be a lot of interaction as they get to know who they are working with,” relayed Elementary Director of Judaic Studies Director Jordana Levy, quoting a JEM administrator in an email to Grade 6 parents. “This is always such a positive and eye-opening experience for the students as they will talk about everyday subjects – hockey, the holidays, school, vacations, summer camp etc. The students often have a ‘lightbulb’ moment when they realize that the people at the workshop are just like them. We at Hebrew Academy are proud to be sending our boys to represent our school.”

Indeed, we at Hebrew Academy are so very proud of our boys!

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