by Aviva Engel, Director of Communications

Our High School boys and male faculty proved themselves as exceptionally-talented musicians, singers and entertainers at last night’s GrHammy Awards at Hebrew Academy. Guests of the annual Talent Show – which included Hebrew Academy staff, families and friends – were treated to a first-class evening of fun, featuring everything from comedy and musical performances and rap and lock-picking routines. High School President Zachary Rehany and David Friedman emceed the entirely student-run show and kept the audience laughing with funny dialogues, costumes and videos.

Isaac Safran kicked off the night with a meaningful Dvar Torah. Highlights included outstanding musical performances by David Somech, Judaic Department Teacher Rabbi Michael Edery, French Department Teacher Simon Forget, Ben Gabay, Michael Cohen. Eliyahou Bendayan, Alain Bijardo, Yoni Mydlarski, Ari Wise and Ezra Gomolin.

Guests were wowed by Ben Gozlan’s card tricks, Dov Matthews’ spinning-bat manoeuvres, Yitzhak Weiss’ “dancing dude”, Zach Rehany’s lock-picking and Michael Silverman’s speed cubing. Judaic Department Teacher Rabbi Eliyahou Delouya and his brother Yochay Delouya stole the show with their Purim rap-dance number that got everyone on their feet in the Purim spirit.

The evening was capped off with an exciting raffle. Proceeds of the event will go toward the Grade 11 Graduation Fund. Mazel Tov to GrHAmmy winner David Somech for his fabulous performance of Enrico Macias’ l’Oriental!

Yasher Koach to everyone who helped to organize and run this first-rate production! Special thanks to the following people who contributed to the evening’s incredible success:

Sponsors:  Mr. and Mrs. Cons, Mr. and Mrs. Elfassy and M. Doudou Dahan
Printing: Joan Genest and Rabbi Sorin Rosen
Script: Meir Hersson-Edery
Camera/Music: Nathan Benizri and Shai Edery
Curtain: Josh Bendayan and Ethan Fallenbaum
Admission: Ezra Gomolin, Ben Malka, Elie Amar
Snack bar: Julia Rimokh, Naomi Ovadia, Eden Oliel
Graphic designer: Leah Pisarevsky
Ushers: Jeremy Laik, Yehuda Bessner, Benny Kaufman, Yossef Cohen
Bouncers: Ben Malka, Samy Bendayan
Door:  Nathanel Ouzana
Ticket Sales: Grade 11 Boys, class of 2017
Support: Richard Singh, Danielle Zagury, Rani Reyes, Jojo Cusi, Eugene Caguicla, Yoni Lehrer, Director of Student Activities Yoni Lehrer, Visual Arts and Multimedia Teach Chris Taylor and Principal Dr. Laura Segall.

Please click here for the complete photo album.

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