by Yaffa Blanshay, Elementary School Principal
A few minutes ago Morah Zohar Dayan asked me to come visit her Grade 4A class as they had just returned from their visit to the Waldorf.
With a lot of pride and great emotion, Morah Zohar recounted her experience accompanying the children and spoke about the wonderful reactions of the residents. She explained that she was not only proud of her students but inspired by how they performed this Chessed.
The children independently planned and sang songs, shared Divrei Torah and helped the residents shake the Lulav and recite the Bracha. To the delight of Morah Zohar, they worked together as a group and came up with the activities for their visit on their own.They certainly helped others experience the Mitzvah of V’Samachta B’Chagecha. Morah Zohar, her assistant Ashley and the supervisor at the Waldorf all felt that the visit was really special and that the group of children exceeded their expectations. I even got a sampling as the students shared their Divrei Torah with me!
May our students continue to perform such beautiful Mitzvot, display wonderful Middot and perform acts of Chessed.
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