Excitement was in the air this afternoon as Kindergarten A and B students exchanged book reviews with Kindergarten students from Georgia Elementary School in the States. With the help of English Studies and Technology Integration Coordinator Elyse Haber and Morahs Ilana Krief, Kathy Knafo, Jordana Levy, Zohar Dayan, Michelle Serfaty and Line Marciano,  the children focussed on the theme of friendship and discussed the makings of a good friend versus a bully.

“Skype in the classroom is beneficial to students as well as educators,” said Morah Kathy Knafo. “It allows us to connect, explore and discover other Kindergarten classrooms.”

“It also enables us to interact with and sensitize children to people from different cultures and backgrounds,” added Morah Ilana Krief.

More Skype activities for Elementary School students are slated in the coming weeks.

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