Colour War broke out in High School on Tuesday afternoon to our students’ delight! Launched in 1976 by alumni Phil Friedman (HA parent of alumni) and Linda Lieberman (HA grandparent), the annual event is a High School highlight. Over a number of days, students compete and showcase their talents in everything from sports and Torah-study to performing and visual arts. This year, team Or (blue and yellow) vs. Choshech (black and red) are battling it out for the winning title which will be announced tomorrow afternoon by judges Daniel Sternthal, Alex Malamud, Nate Lieberman, Ephraim Freundlich and Hadassa Gomolin at the closing ceremony. Kol hakavod to our judges and team captains Ben Safran, Hannah Cons, Aurelie Amar, Shimon Smaza, Shayna Bratin, Eliyahu Cano, Yaacov Azoulay and Mia Drazin for their hard work and exceptional ruach, to Head of School Dr. Laura Segall and Director of Student Activities and Athletics Yoni Lehrer for their leadership, to School Rabbi Rabbi Eddie Shostak for his guidance, and to all of our teachers who ran activities, supervised our students and starred in the very funny teacher’s skit!

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