Mezuzah Dedication  honours the legacy of individuals, past and present

Over 500 Hebrew Academy students from Kindergarten to Grade 11 united this morning with members of the Montreal Jewish community to learn the laws of Mezuzah and celebrate the dedication of beautiful new Mezuzot designed by renowned Montreal artist Haim Sherrf.  The unprecedented school-wide gathering marked the end of a months-long campaign that encouraged donors to purchase Mezuzot to beautify the school and support families in the areas of tuition, school supplies, uniforms and hot meals at lunchtime.

“Being part of the Mezuzah campaign as a donor is extremely meaningful for my entire family,” said campaign co-chair Chaya Lieberman. “We learn, as children, that having a Mezuzah in our home protects us and allows Hashem to watch over us. The Mezuzah allows us to remember Hashem and his beautiful Mitzvot and miracles every time we enter a room.”

Following a private celebratory breakfast honouring all donors, Elementary School Rabbi-Educator Eddie Shostak welcomed the audience of 600, and introduced students from various grades who explained the Mezuzah’s significance and thanked donors for their generosity.

“We express our Hakarat Hatov to you for making sure that our precious school and its precious students have Hashem’s protection and the constant reminder of Hashem’s presence in our lives,” said Grade 11 student Esther Amsellem.

Highlights of the event included a Grade 6 performance of “Acheinu”, a prayer of unity, and the collective singing of Hatikvah, after which donors proceeded to affix their Mezuzot in respective locations. Among the many donors present were family and friends of Hebrew Academy alumnus Oren Grunbaum z”l, who dedicated a Mezuzah in his memory.

“Each Mezuzah we donated in memory of our different family members allows us to bring a part of them into our children’s academic life on a daily basis,” said Lieberman. “We feel that the connection between the Neshama and the Mezuzah is very strong and this daily connection will help strengthen our children’s outlook on Judaism.”

For Hebrew Academy Executive Director Linda Lehrer, the school-wide assembly marked a milestone in the school’s history.

“Seeing everyone celebrating together – students of all ages, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and friends – is a tribute to the power and dedication of the Hebrew Academy family.”

Campaign co-chair Vanessa Fallenbaum underscored the impact of donors’ kindness. “I believe a donation to the school [not only benefits] our children; a donation represents a commitment to the safeguarding and success of the next generation.”

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