Just in time for Yom Kippur, Hebrew Academy High School students have released an informative, inspirational guide for Yom Hadin. The H.A Yom Kippur Soulvivor Guide was voluntarily composed by 14 Hebrew Academy High School students in Grades 8 through 11 under the guidance of High School Coordinator of Judaic Programming Rabbi Eliyahu Delouya.

The 30-page booklet includes articles on topics including Kapparot, Seudat Hamafseket and Seder Avoda, eye-catching graphics and engaging text-boxes that pique readers’ interest.

“There is one Mitzvah that a person who has never sinned can never accomplish; that is the Mitzvah of Teshuva,” wrote Rabbi Eliyahu Delouya in his introduction. “The very day of Yom Kippur calls upon us to reach deep within ourselves and to return to our ultimate source, Hashem. It is a tremendous gift that Hashem accepts our Teshuva. It is an even greater gift that it is considered a Mitzvah! On Yom Kippur we are given stronger tools to polish our Neshamot and reach ever greater heights of connection to Hashem. It is my hope that this Soulvivor Guide will enrich your Yom Kippur and encourage you to return!”

Kol Hakavod to student authors Talia Dayan,  Netanel Amos and Marcus Rehany of Grade 8, Grade 9’s Reuven Minciotti, Gaby Mamane and Sarah Azoulay, Grade 10’s Emanuel Bensoussan, Zachary Rehany, Sam Drazin and Leah Pisarevsky, and Grade 11’s Elisheva Eisenberg, Eliana Rohr, Danielle Levi and Becky Benisti for the meaningful and creative contributions, to Rabbi Delouya for his leadership and initiative and to Drama Teacher Tia Ayrton and Technology Educational Coordinator Rabbi Sorin Rosen for their assistance.

Yom Kippur Soulvivor Guide

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