The Hebrew Academy Leadership team stepped out of the building on Tuesday for an enriching day of professional development, at the home of Executive Director Linda Lehrer. As Hebrew Academy moves more and more towards a distributive leadership model, this team of coordinators, directors and department heads from both Elementary and High School explored the different aspects of effective team leadership and the challenges they may present.

The day’s activities were facilitated by Educational Leadership Consultant Jonathan Cannon, who has been instrumental to the One School Initiative at Hebrew Academy. In the afternoon, the team members set an educational goal for each of their departments and committed to its implementation with the teachers in their respective departments.

Thank you to Department Heads Richard Bond, Joanne Druker, Elyse Haber, Vicky Szyf, Miriam Schrager, Jordana Levy and Valerie Salem, Elementary Principal  Shauna Joyce, High School Principal Laura Segall, Elementary Rav Mechanech Rabbi Shostak and High School Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Singer, for their continued dedication to Hebrew Academy. A special thank you to Linda Lehrer for hosting everyone in her home for the day.

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