By Dr. Laura Segall, High School Principal

Grade 9 to 11 students were the pioneers of what we hope will become the Annual Hebrew Academy Student Shabbaton! The Grade 11 students all headed up to the Camp Bnai Brith Retreat Centre on Thursday afternoon for some leadership training in preparation of their role throughout the Shabbaton. There was so much going on; it is hard to know what to talk about first!

We had a musical intro to Shabbat with Yo Aisenstark who also led a musical havdalah. We had shiurim, games, inspiration and much ruach! Thank you to Dr. Kalman Stein, Rav Yedidyah Noiman and Kollel Torah Mitzion, the Bnot Sherut, Yoni Lehrer, Valerie Salem, alumni Danielle Rohr and Noah Margolese of NCSY, Bnei Akiva’s Arianne Stone, the Shotak, Lehrer, and Gross (Salem) families for adding to the ruach of the Shabbaton, to Talia, Izzie, Ariel and Orly Shostak, Tzofia Lehrer, and Ilana and Tamar Gross for their assistance with morning wake-up and to our surprise guest, Mr. Steve Forman.

Last but not least, a big Yasher Koach to Rabbi Eddie Shostak for bringing this Shabbaton to life and pulling it together so beautifully! Please see here for a glimpse of what we experienced.

On a personal note, I would like to share that it is a true pleasure to watch our students embody all that we teach them and hope for them as we spend a Shabbat together. May we continue to shepp such nachat from our students and may they continue to grow!

Click here for the photo album.

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