In moving addresses to our High School students and faculty this morning, HA parents Rabbi Mark Fishman, Rabbi Reuben Poupko, Rabbi Adam Scheier and Grade 10 student Aviya Scheier recounted their recent experiences at Poland’s Ukrainian border where they contributed to the humanitarian relief efforts.
The speakers touched upon the imperative to serve as our brothers’ keepers not only within the Jewish community but vis-à-vis all of humanity. They also shared the poignant time that they happened upon a shul in ruins, found an entry point with a neighbour’s help, then davened mincha, danced, and sang “Vli’Yerushalayim ircha” within. While they recognize that their contributions did not make a quantifiable impact (relative to the millions of refugees), the group went to Poland to be of support and comfort to the hundreds of refugees enduring “unimaginable suffering.”
Whereas Putin channels his humiliation via acts of depravity, said one Rabbi, Holocaust survivors channeled their dishonour after the Shoah into the rebuilding of the Jewish People and the creation of our beautiful State of Israel.
Thank you to Rabbis Fishman, Poupko and Scheier, Aviya, School Rabbi Rabbi Eddie Shostak, Head of School Dr. Laura Segall and Rosh KTM Rav Eliyahu Gateno for contributing to this most inspirational and powerful morning.
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