This week our Grade 6 Boys Mishmar class led by School Rabbi Rabbi Eddie Shostak and our Kollel Torah MiTzion bachurim embarked on an exciting new learning adventure! On Wednesday they launched the “50/50 Mishna Challenge” with the goal of learning five masechtot — Rosh Hashanah, Megillah, Pesachim, Sukkah and Yoma — in five months!

The 50/50 part works like this: Every week the Mishmar class studies seven mishnayot together after school, and parents study seven mishnayot with their sons at home, which are then reviewed by the group. Rabbi Shostak created an awesome colourful checklist for talmidim to keep track of their progress.

“In the next five months we will, B’H, be able to complete 5 masechtot,” said Rabbi Shostak. “Each completed mesechta will of course be celebrated with a siyum!”

We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements with you, gentlemen!

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