Our HA family welcomed Yom Ha’Atzmaut on Wednesday in typical HA-style: full of ruach, simcha, pride, gratitude and love for our beloved homeland. The day began with Hallel Chagigit and continued with Israel-themed activities including a scavenger hunt, Spin-the-Wheel game, singing and dancing in Elementary and an international online trivia challenge for our High School students  run by our partner organization Unpacked Media. Both High School and Elementary participated in uplifting assemblies where School Rabbi Rabbi Eddie Shostak addressed the students.

“Year after year, decade after decade, we have returned and returned and returned,” he said. “We hope and pray for all of us to be sent home as a nation, not only because we want it, but because Hashem wants it. In Hallel we say Odcha Hashem ki anitani – we’ve been praying for 2000 years and you answered us.”

Rosh KTM Rav Eliyahu Gateno echoed his sentiments when speaking to High School. “We need to thank Hashem every day for Israel. We need to remember that Canada is not our place. The Jews around the world are the builders of the state. Al tikreh banaich ela bonaich; you are the builders of the State.”

High School watched part of KTM’s fabulous Yom Hazikaron/Ha’Atzmaut tekes, while Elementary enjoyed a vibrant dance party and watched two videos – one starring their Judaics teachers, the other featuring students’ submissions to the three Yom Ha’Atzmaut contests.

Thank you to Rabbi Shostak, KTM, Bnei Akiva, Elementary Judaic Studies Director Jordana Levy, Elementary Principal Yaffa Blanshay, and Bnot Sherut Maya Bar, and Shahar Bezalel for organizing these incredible celebrations!


-by Aviva Engel, Director of Communications



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