Montreal’s Tomchei Shabbos is the latest beneficiary of our Grade 6 Bnot Mitzvah’s fundraising efforts! With the help of Mrs. Isabelle Punski (’85) – mother of their classmate Janie – the girls sold cases of Shabbat candles to family and friends and raised an impressive $1200 for the organization, which delivers packages of food and other essentials for Shabbat and holidays to needy families. Yesterday, Bat Mitzvah Program Coordinator Morah Sari Attaiech-Rohr, Mrs. Punski and the girls donated the money to Tomchei Shabbos representative Dov Grossnass. Mr. Grossnass elaborated upon the organization’s work in the community and thanked the Bnot Mitzvah for their assistance in helping Tomchei Shabbos to fulfill its ongoing commitment to Jews in need. Elementary Judaic Studies Director Jordana Levy also praised the young ladies’ efforts and encouraged them to continue to bring light into others’ lives through their pursuit of Chessed and Mitzvot.

–  by Aviva Engel, Director of Communications

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