By Rabbi Eliyahu Delouya, High School Coordinator of Judaic Programming

In the spirit of the upcoming Chag of Tu B’Shvat, Grade 7 Boys were treated to an exciting after-school program last night. Together, we explored Torah connections to various fruit and how they can help us to fulfill the Mitzvah to guard one’s health (“Ushemor et Nafshechah Meod”).  We also examined fruit and trees as a means to discover Hashem’s wonderful and miraculous creations with the hope that these insights may strengthen our Emunah. Finally, we looked at what statistics have to say about the idea that there are 613 seeds in a rimon (is this really true?)! In keeping with the Tu B’Shvat theme, we enjoyed healthy and delicious snacks. Following Maariv, we made our way to the gym where we participated in various sports!

It was a pleasure to participate in this wonderful learning experience together with our boys!

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