Hebrew Academy observed Remembrance Day with two very meaningful assemblies this morning in the Lieberman Family Beit Midrash. The first, geared for students in Grades 4 to 6 was moderated by Elementary School Rav Mechanech Rabbi Eddie Shostak. Following the singing of  O Canada and the recitation of the Tfilla for the Welfare of the Canadian Government, Grade 6 students Oren Marciano, Jacob Silverman, Ari Wise, Daniel Sternthal, Mia Drazin, Rebecca Preisler-Banoon, Arielle Sabbah, Adam Perras, Adam Levy, Moshe Tordjman and Gabriel Amar spoke about the meaning of Remembrance Day, Canada’s allies and the significance of poppies as symbols of remembrance. They also read essays on the theme of courage and delivered an insightful Powerpoint presentation on Kristallnacht. Music Director Amiel Bender taught the students a song, which was followed by  a moment of silence and the singing of  Kel Malei Rachamim.

High School students were privileged to meet 90-year-old  World War II veteran Raymond Playfair, who joined the Canadian Army on his 18th birthday. Following his engaging address, students watched two very moving videos on Remembrance Day and Kristallnacht, which were created by their peers Shane Safran, David Rogozinsky, Eliana Rohr, Gabriella Cons, Emily Lawrence and Benjamin Friedman. The student presenters also highlighted the significance of Canada’s role as a peacekeeping nation. Prior to the singing of Hatikvah, Principal Dr. Laura Segall  presented Mr. Playfair with a plaque of thanks.

“Other countries like to say that Canada is among the best countries in the world,” said Mr. Playfair upon accepting the gift.”I disagree. I think Canada is the best country in the world,” he said, to students’ resounding applause.

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