by Elyse Haber, English Studies and Technology Integration Coordinator, Elementary School

Grade 3 recently marked “Shark Week” with some very exciting activities; both classes took time out of their regular Language Arts curriculum to learn, read and write about sharks! Students explored books, watched videos and wrote interesting facts about sharks and even participated in a fun jigsaw shark activity! The children were divided into expert groups of five where they read and learned about a particular shark. Once they were comfortable with the material, students visited a different group to “teach” their peers about their shark. The students then wrote about what they had learned. The children loved the activity and can’t wait to do another jigsaw!

On Friday, 3B joined 3A for an exciting Skype lesson on “Sharks and their Adaptations”. Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza from Ocean First Education in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated a half hour of her time to teach the students about different types of sharks and their adaptations. Dr. Kobza showed them videos, pictures, actual shark jaws and teeth and had them absolutely mesmerized the entire time! The students were also invited to ask her questions as well. In a reply to my thank-you email, Dr. Kobza  repied: “Thank you! What a great and smart class! So proud they are all experts! Well done!!!”

Please click here to view our photo album.

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