By Lauren Thurber, Elementary English Teacher

This past week both Grade 6 classes, along with their English teachers Ms. Lauren Thurber and Mrs. Sheri Gray, have been learning about government and the election process in preparation for the upcoming municipal election in Côte Saint-Luc . The students have shown enthusiasm for the topic and eagerly displayed their new learning throughout the week.

During English class, they researched and worked collaboratively to understand the levels and roles of government. The students also interviewed adults in their lives to learn about the importance of voting.

As part of this unit, both mayoral candidates were invited to speak to the students. Mayor Mitchell Brownstein addressed the students on Wednesday and Mr. Robert Libman will address them on Friday. Students asked Mr. Brownstein a variety of questions, including such inquiring prompts as, ‘Is it difficult to pass laws in Côte Saint-Luc?’

At the end of the week, the students will vote in a mock municipal election, including a mini polling station with ballots and a ballot box. Students will play the role of “returning officer” to track and count the votes. In the coming weeks, the Grade six students will be applying their democratic knowledge to a student leadership election.

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