high school. It was awesome - and made our otherwise very straight-laced school just a little cutting edge! I do remember when it was moved up to the ground floor and I honed my skills there (later to become the Law School Games Ping Pong Champion because of it!)” Also a table tennis enthusiast, Shulamit Gertel, ‘80, loved playing “ping pong in the Yellow Brick Road student lounge” as well. Space became an issue in both buildings and the Nursery and Kindergarten classes moved to Kiddie Corner on Kildare Road in Cote Saint Luc. The building was bright and sunny according to Madame Simone Cohen, who taught French in that building, among many others, at HA. “I definitely remember learning my letters in Mrs. Rosenzweig’s Kindergarten class on Kildare using Letter Books with the sparkly letters!” said Yaffa ) (Spinner) Blanshay, ‘88. “I also remember having a lice check and being shocked to discover that Mrs. Rosenzweig's hair came off her head in one piece!” Ducharme! We probably overstayed our time in the Ducharme building. It was not just that the HA families were moving west but the building was getting old and in disrepair. “The smell of a locker room with showers and no water” was a vintage memory for Shulamit Gertel, ‘80. As families began moving westward to CSL and Hampstead, a highlight of each day for Bonnie Blitzer, 80’, was “socializing on the long 161 bus ride home.” In the early 80’s When a student fell through the floor on the staircase landing and remained upright to his waist in the subfloor, the administration probably knew that it was time to do something. And so, due to the aging facilities, an expanding 9