50 years, countless memories 1,2,3,4, we want Colour War! What other school has Colour War? It was the most fun we had all year. I have wonderful memories of intense, late-night team meetings at the team captains’ house; bonding with fellow teammates across grades with whom I’d never been friends before; impassioned rivalry with longtime good friends who were on the other team; the euphoria of victory in Grades 7 and 11; and the burning sting of defeat in Grades 8, 9 and 10 that only a teenager can feel so fervently. The feeling of gratification in Grade 11 when my friends were judges, and the sense that, finally, it was us who ruled the school. But most of all, the unrivaled adrenaline of the most high-pressure event I’ve ever known: Extemporaneous Speaking. Where you got on stage and took your life in your hands, not knowing what topic to expect. Twenty years later, it’s all still exciting to talk about. One of many things that made HA a really special place. -Moshe Grussgott, ‘98 Editor’s note: Rabbi Moshe Grussgott is the Rabbi of Congregation Ramath Orah in New York City and is one heck of a speaker - extemporaneously or otherwise. Looks like he put his Colour War days to great use! Colour War was always awesome. When they cancelled the famous skits that “had to make the judges cry” it sort of put a damper on my acting career. -Eliana (Blanshay) Klein, ‘13 Colour War gave kids the opportunity to show talents that they may never have displayed otherwise. I waited all year for Colour War and for the opportunity to run the choirs. Every song I listened to throughout the year was ranked as “good choir song or bad choir song”. It was such a thrilling experience to finish performing and to listen to the cheers knowing that you were involved in giving cause for the cheering. -Racheli Blanshay, ‘16 " 14