When HA was on Mackle, the high school davened in the cafeteria. They put up a curtain mechitza separating the boys and girls. We had the quietest davening ever on the girls’ side. Mrs. Hauer was in charge and no one would DARE talk. Occasionally, Rabbi Wygoda would peek his head over the mechitza to make doubly sure that we were quiet. We even made sure to always be on the right page lest she walk by and see that we were not following properly. Coming late (unless you were on the Chomedy bus) was not an option. I got some of my best davening done in those days. Afterwards however, as we were served a gourmet breakfast of bagels and butter, the boys would throw butter packets over the mechitza at the girls and there went the decorum. -Anonymous, 1980’s Mr. Alpert was Hebrew Academy High School’s first principal. The school was his life. In addition to getting anyone into McGill, he stayed late every day removing chewing gum from the banisters at school. He also taught History and Latin. -Chaim Goldberg, ‘71 Mrs. Guttenberg provided a very warm introduction to a new language. She taught with a warmth and fervor that was contagious for young minds. She was a tiny woman with a huge heart. Even in Grade 1 there was one boy who was at least as tall as her. She used to ask him to draw lines on the board every day where she then started each day with the date and day “Hayom Yom...”. About 30 years later, she taught my kids and she was every bit as warm and wonderful. Plus she was the only teacher ever who greeted me at parent-teacher meetings with a huge smile and a “Shalom Deenaleh!” To all the other teachers, I was Mrs. Vatenmakher; just another parent. To Morah Taichman I always felt special even 32 years later! -Deena (Deitcher) Vatenmakher, ‘79 My first day at HA, I received such a memorable welcome. As I walked down the hall to my classroom I was surrounded by almost the entire male population cheering and banging on their lockers with excitement and enthusiasm. At that moment I knew that this was the beginning of something new for me. The life and spirit in this school continues to fascinate me. HA has not just been a school where I work as a teacher; through my interactions with staff and students I have become so much more aware of my heritage and the rules and laws that govern my religion. -Steve Forman, High School Math Teacher 18