Resources Before smart boards and MacBooks there was chalk, blackboards, erasers, pencils and paper Before photocopy machines, laser printers and scanners there were Gestetners and stencils Recess Before the outdoor climbing wall, soccer turf and “lunch-curriculars” there was the baseball diamond, basketball court, Champ squares, giant rocks, hockey cards, wacky cards, kugelach, jacks, Spit, Mossy and Stand-O Lunch hangouts Before Cavendish Mall there was Hungarian Kosher Bakery, J&R, the corner depanneur (Van Horne) and Mackle’s Shoes Before Nikes and Uggs there was Converse, Tretorns, Keds, Docksiders, loafers and clogs. Nurses Before Lilla there was Linda and Annette ^ ^ 43