Administrative Staff Before Adele, Teri, Violet, Joan, Yan, Mimi, Marina, Barbara, Jacqui Alissa and Georgette there was Bev, Ronnie, Cindy, Miriam, Mr. Zilbert, Mrs. Lehrer and Mrs. Cass Gym Before Mr. Roch, Ms. Ayrton and Mr. Albanesi there was Sheldon, Jackie, Mrs. Kroo, Mrs. Natanblut, Maureen, Mme Sam, Mr. Ward, Ms. Siegal, Kevin, Mme Gagne, Ms. Rosenberg, Mr. Nick and Mr. Hoffman Cooks Before Ilana there was Solange, Mme Toledano, Mr. Suissa, Mrs. Rappaport and Mrs. Salit IT Before Sorin and Richard there was Shari, Philippe, Pinchas, Danley, Jody, Tracy, Marla, Carolyn, Suzie and Sharon Library Before Norma, Zehava & Lydia there was Mrs. Mathews, Hindy, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Abramowitz and Mrs. Gertler Custodians Before Danielle, Jojo, Rani and Noel there was Manny, Alex and Gina, and Santos Math and Science Before Mrs. Sacher, Dr. Segall, Mr. Forman, Mrs. Edery, Mrs. Salem and Ms. Mete there was Miss Adler, Mr. Benezra, Dr. Simon, Ms. Mimran, Mrs. McCaffrey, Ms. Ricci, Mr. Budman, Ms. Fewkes, Mr. Ranellucci, Mr. Hecht, Dr. Adley, Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Laufer, Mrs. Rappaport, Mrs. Miklachevsky, Ms. Milette and Mr. Niedzviecki ^ ^ ^ ^ 42