lounge had existed years earlier on Ducharme, two years ago space was created on Kellert for students to have a place to hang out, to play chess, ping pong (who knew we also had a table back in the 70’s?!) and PS4 (definitely did not exist on Ducharme), to jam on a variety of musical instruments, or just to chill. According to Yoni Lehrer, ‘99 who is now director of HA Student Life, “The student lounge is a place where everyone can come to take a break and forget their troubles. It is a place that brings together all sorts of students with different interests, across all grades and there is something for everyone. We have the chess players, the musicians, the gamers, the shmoozers and the ping pong champions. It’s great to see them all get along in this one amazing space.” One thing has not changed in 50 years: Hebrew Academy’s commitment to excellence in both religious and secular education. It’s a commitment Hebrew Academy administrations and boards have upheld for generations - from that very first day in September of 1966 over 50 years ago, until today. “Hebrew Academy exemplifies Torah study, academic scholarship, commitment to Torah values, Chessed, intellectual depth, camaraderie, family atmosphere, Ahavat Eretz and Medinat Yisrael,” said Head of School Dr. Kalman Stein. “The joy of living and participating in our community of learners has combined to create leaders and role models of whom we are justifiably proud - our precious alumni.” 11