Ruach, Rosh Chodesh, sports, trips and more! Some of my fondest memories of my time spent at Hebrew Academy were going on class trips with Rabbi Benarroch, such as camping and ski trips. These trips gave us the opportunity to bond with each other and our teachers outside of a school setting. I recall one year there was a very bad snow storm and our bus couldn't get us back to Montreal. "Unfortunately" we had to spend an extra day skiing rather than returning to school. -Avi Gutman, ‘05 My most fond memories of HA are the 27 years of coaching the high school boys basketball teams. The games, tournaments, and most importantly, the relationships and friendships that I have made are priceless! Thanks HA, for allowing me to be part of this school as a student from Kindergarten to Grade 11, as a coach, and as a parent of four kids presently attending HA. I also met my wife, Jordana Pekofsky at HA, albeit I was in 11th Grade when she was in Kindergarten…but was her madrich on the March of the Living-1994. I have been part of HA for 39 of the 50 years. HA is basically part of my DNA :) -Morrie Levy, ‘83 We were basketball champions. We were champions of hockey and soccer. We were top athletes in the Jewish schools of Montreal. It was always great to be at the top. -Yoni Lehrer, ’99 Editor’s note: Yoni Lehrer continues to shep nachas at HA’s ongoing sports achievements as High School Director of Student Activities and Athletics. Bagel Hockey was THE game during HA’s early years. One day Rabbi Rogoff came into the gym during a game and got a bagel puck in the eye. He wore that shiner as a red badge of courage and walked around proudly telling everyone that his injury was from bagel hockey. -Chaim Goldberg, ‘71 Rosh Chodesh breakfasts were a special time. I remember Rabbi Hirshprung coming and also Shlomo Carlebach, although I don't think we really appreciated either at the time. -Channah (Shmidman) Koppel, ‘82 So many memories of the old building on Mackle, but a favorite is when we would use the payphone right outside the high school office window to literally call the school secretary to dismiss ourselves from school early, pretending we were our parents. It worked sometimes! -Tanya (Abitbol) Schecter, ‘93 Some vintage '70s memories: Dreidel gambling at recess with real pennies (around Chanuka time); girls’ basketball team; sun reflectors and baby oil for the ultimate sun tan; hilarious sayings from Saturday Night Live that found their way into every conversation. -Shulamit Gertel, ‘80 24