When I was a student the staff really impacted me and made me want to become a teacher. I’m in Education now, and they paved the way for that path. -Erin Lieberman, ’11 Sarah Dayan teaching us "I see za moon and za moon sees me". (Or was it I see zee moon?) Mr. Vineberg's choir and singing "In spring every creature delights by his nature". Class trip to Boston. Ice skating in the arena behind the school. -Bonnie Blitzer, ‘80 I was probably in Grade 10 or 9 and I was reading a book on how to be a perfect person in just three days and one of the things you had to do to become perfect was wear broccoli around your neck for the day. When I went to davening Mrs. Hauer yelled at me and said, “Would you go in front of the president of the USA like that?” I still remember that and laugh. -Dena (Glick) Kinderlehrer, ‘92 Best teachers: Mrs. Laufer, Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Rappaport, Mrs. Matarasso, Ms. Fewkes, Mrs. Hauer, Mrs. Levy and more... -Shulamit Gertel, ‘80 When I was in Elementary, Rabbi Perton brought his parrot to school and brought it to our class, where it pooped all over the place. It was hysterically funny at the time - we were in Grade 2, after all. -Anonymous, ‘17 Our best memory of Joanne Druker is the time we wrote fictional horror stories. Joanne was so shocked and ìmpressed with our stories that she decided to invite our parents into the classroom. We read our stories out loud and enjoyed some pizza, drinks and desserts. That was hands down, our best memory! -Girls’ Class of 2019 My interview for the position of Hebrew Academy librarian 35 years ago was conducted by Rabbi Teitz and Rachel Archibald. I said that I had some knowledge of Hebrew and was fluent in French. Rachel then conducted the rest of the interview in French. I was flabbergasted. At that time French was not nearly as prevalent as today. -Norma Newman aka Mrs. Mathews, HA Librarian One morning I was reading the newspaper and there were penguins walking across the street on the front page of The Gazette. I happen to be reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins to my Grade 3 class. I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could get the penguins to come to Hebrew Academy? I came back to school all excited and I told the children and we wrote letters; we found out where those penguins were from – they were from Busch Gardens in Florida. Many years later, the penguins came waddling up the stairs into our gym at Hebrew Academy. To me that was such a fun and exciting time! -Leona Lands, Elementary English Teacher " 19