Being a small class of only 14 we were really lucky that we got to take a trip together to Disneyworld in Florida. The idea came about when we realized the high cost of publishing the yearbook. We had a class parent that did copyediting and graphics and another that was a printer. We came up with the idea to design and publish the yearbook ourselves at a much cheaper cost (and yes, the only Shalshelet in history to have a soft cover) and to allocate the extra money towards funding the trip. We did our research, got all our costs in order and found that all in all the trip would only cost $340 per person (including flights, food, two park tickets per person, two vans and two home rentals)! We were super lucky to have the backing of the Home and School Association and could not have done it without the help of the amazing Ms. Fewkes. She was such a student advocate and really connected with us – definitely one of the best teachers at HA! We had Morrie Levy and Bridget Mimran as chaperones, spent amazing, fun-filled days at the parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot), we shopped for and cooked all our own food, including a great Shabbat dinner! It may have been unconventional and even shocking to some, but I remember it as a great week spent with wonderful friends – and as a class we worked together to accomplish it! -Tanya (Abitbol) Schecter, ‘93 A few of us (including myself) were very impassioned and talented hobbyists with real potential for entrepreneurship. Throughout class, we would rub an eraser on top of our desk, save the shavings in a plastic bag and then attempt to "sell" or "barter" said shavings to the highest bidder. Or, at the very least, use the results as proof positive of real career potential. Aviva Aspler took it a step further. She developed the nose warmer - I think it was made up of cotton balls, cloth material and a lovely string that would wrap around a nose, keeping it warm in the cold months. She missed her calling, obviously. -Ellie Birnbaum, ‘88 Editor’s note: the first nose warmer was actually introduced by the Hanover House mail order company in 1965. Thank you, One of my favorite memories from my 14-year experience at Hebrew Academy has to be spending Fridays with the Kollel staff. In high school, during one of our classes, we would go down to the Beit Midrash and have a tisch with the Bachurim, Bnot Sheirut and Rabbis. We would be served some snack and cholent and sing some zemirot. This tisch was a lot of fun, but also meaningful; it helped us get in the mindset for Shabbat that would be beginning that evening. It was nice to have time to take out of our busy day to specifically get ready for Shabbat and have a good time.” -Jonathan Shaul, ‘12 26