Over 100 HA alumni, parents, faculty and staff living in and visiting Israel reunited on the evening of May 1, 2018 to celebrate HA’s Golden Anniversary at Jerusalem’s Shalva Cafe. After catching up over light refreshments, guests were welcomed by HA Past President and Reunion Chair Marla Veres. Former Educational Director Yitzhak Zocher delivered a Dvar Torah and Deena (Pollack) Meerkin (‘75) introduced a new scholarship for post- secondary students pursuing studies in Israel, established by her family in memory of her beloved father, Moshe Pollack z”l. Sisters Dafna (Deitcher) Pearl (‘84) and Ilana (Deitcher) Kohn (‘81) led everyone on a fun trip down memory lane, and Dr. Aron Portnoy (‘92) spoke about the Alumni Hakarat Hatov Campaign in honour of HA’s 50th. Thank you to everyone who attended, presented and contributed to this wonderful evening! Special thanks to Cindy Shmueli, former HA executive assistant, and Violet Horvath, HA comptroller, for all of their assistance around this beautiful event. Can’t wait until HA’s 60th! HA’s 50th Reunion in Israel 34