“SHIRTS!” “Back to the last episode…” Knapsack on wheels “Buckle down!” “Loonie, toonie or a five?” Shnayim mikra v'echad targum “L’hadlik, l’chabot” Principal with HUGE hands After school Mishmar with donuts Rabbi Mishel Teitz Loves Calvin and Hobbes, and take- home tests “Girls, girls, girls” Morah Chaya Elias Two Science teachers who LOVE diet coke Loves to sing “Yesh Tikva” with her class Morah Vicky Szyf Mrs. Joy Sacher & Dr. Laura Segall Dr. Laura Segall 666 Westminster Rabbi Moshe Sokol BAM style of taking notes Multiple choice WITH explanation Ms. Marcy Fewkes Mrs. Linda Bogante A teacher known for her loud nose- blowing and sneezing. Mrs. Ellen Winston Mr. Alpert (aka Alpo) Mar Yehuda Amir Rabbi Henoch Singer Rabbi Baruch Abramovitz Rabbi Aron Hazan “Books? Books? Books?” Norma Newman Mrs. Celia Natanblut Sheldon Kravitz Morah Barbara Freedman 40