Clothes Before skinny jeans, leggings, Adidas track pants and Canada Goose there was Roots, Izod, Boca, Benetton sweatshirts, stone-washed jeans, sweatpants, knee socks, leg warmers, fluorescents, varsity jackets and turtlenecks Hair Before Ombré and layers there was crimped hair, scrunchies, buns tied with pencils, bana-clips, perms and bangs Sports Before basketball, soccer, tennis and cross country running there was bagel hockey (dropped as the official HA sport in 1977 - who remembers the Hawks, Cobras, Colts, Bulls, Falcons, Rams, Raiders, Vikings, Yaks, Shrimps, Chicks, Octopii??) Before the HA Heat there was the HA Bullets and Maccabees Behaviors & consequences Before Ditch Day and skipping there was hooky Before “reflection” sheets and time-outs there was detention, suspension, the corner and the ruler Ruach Before Colour War and Rosh Chodesh musical minyanim there was School Spirit Week and Rosh Chodesh breakfasts with music and dancing ^ ^ ^ 44