How well do you know your HA staff? Identify the HA staff members by the phrase or description King of corny jokes Eyes in the back of her head Siyyum Mishnayos trip leader, “Who danced?” Three HA staff members with the same last name Mrs. STR “Wake up, Mummy is talking to you!” Dictionnaire personnel, “Mele toi de tes onions”, 200 expressions Make sure you enter with a Kleenex “A tutor who tooted the flute...” Mrs. Penny Cohen He’s allllllriiiiight “You’re such an egg” “Over there, like that” !!‫סיכות‬ Sikah BaRosh Morah Miriam Hauer “Bonjour, hi!” Jojo Cusi The man with the scraper Alex Carvahlo The Great Hunter Dr. Laufer “Ooooooooooook” Mr. Jeff Itcush Mr. Nathan Firszt Mrs. Linda Bogante Mr. Steve Forman Slides of Ecuador and Galapagos Island A teacher known for her signature sneeze “Names, dates and italicized words” Mrs. Edith Laufer Two teachers who wore white lab coats to every class Mrs. Evelyn Cohen and Mrs. Edith Laufer Mrs. Anna Rappaport “Did you come to class without your brain today?” Mrs. Evelyn Cohen Mrs. Mollie Erdstein Morah Miriam Hauer Mme. Lina Gauthier Mr. Richard Bond Mrs. Sheva Strolovitch Mrs. Elaine, Mrs. Binnie and Mrs. Joanne Druker Calisthenics and cold cream Mrs. Rose Langlaben Rabbi Baruch Abramovitz Rabbi Irving Zryl Morah Bella Gutenberg Taichman 39