Mrs. Joanne Druker "I learn something new about my culture, heritage, and religion every day at school… so many people have helped my family and me to strengthen and connect with our Jewish roots and religion." Mrs. Elaine Druker "I really enjoy teaching Grade 11. I get such pleasure and closure when I watch them graduate. When our graduates get their diplomas and look out in the pews, they are bound to see me there beaming with pride." Morah Betty Bensimon "I’m proud to say that now I’m teaching my second generation of students. That means that I am teaching children whose parents were my students. " Morah Kathy Knafo "Looking into the children’s eyes and seeing the learning happening, the understanding, the progress, the growth – that by far has got to be my greatest achievement and my greatest reward in teaching." Morah Marcelle Alt "I like working with little kids because they are fun, they have a good sense of humour, and it keeps you young to work with children. Morah Elyse Haber The thing I have treasured the most during my 26 years at HA has been the relationships with my students over the years. It's the little things that make each of them unique that stays with me even after they leave my class. Even years later, I am proud to hear about their successes and achievements and always feel like they are still "my" students." Rabbi Aaron Hazan "It is said that the Mishkan is a microcosm of the world. Hebrew Academy likewise is a microcosm of the goodness of the world." Mrs. Leona Lands "For 27 years I have been part of the Hebrew Academy family. It has been an honour teaching so many students throughout the years. Recently, I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to teach the children of my former students. May the Hebrew Academy family continue to grow from strength to strength, mi’dor l’dor!" Fond reflections from our veteran HA staff Like the hundreds of students who’ve graced Hebrew Academy’s halls over the past 50 years, our “veteran” teachers have come to love HA - almost as much as we love them! 5