I found my own calling, as a "songwriter", when I bludgeoned the lyrics to a popular song - Cats in the Cradle - for the final Colour War event. I was actually shocked to find out years later that a former student of HA who had been on my team had kept the song in his wallet for years afterward (true story), claiming it kept him motivated. Ha. -Ellie Birnbaum, ‘88 Editor’s note: Ellie Birnbaum parlayed her songwriting aspirations into a successful journalism career as the co-founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of SEE Change Magazine, a global publication for and about social entrepreneurship. Harry Chapin would be proud. I remember Colour War practice at Ora Gewurz's house in 7th grade and asking her for a tour because I heard she had a bowling alley in her basement. -Atara (Neuer) Brenner, ‘95 Best memory: Colour War in High School. It was just a lot of fun; you’re with all the grades and with all your friends and it’s just exciting! -Yael (Alt) Orzech, ’97 " " 15