As we celebrate HA’s 50th anniversary, it is only fitting that we pay tribute to the faculty, staff and administration who put in tremendous amounts of effort and time to make Hebrew Academy a school of excellence for our children. We could have taken any subset of the faculty to honour on this 50th anniversary but we have chosen to single out those educators and support staff who have been with us the longest, almost as long as the institution itself. This group to whom we pay tribute in this Shalshelet 50th Anniversary Edition is made up of all current staff members who have been at Hebrew Academy for 25 years or more. This type of longevity only comes with pride and commitment, common traits in all our staff. We thank you for your years at HA and for contributing an inspirational thought, quote or message that highlights your experience at our wonderful school on the oposite page. HEBREW & LIMUDEI KODESH STAFF Rabbi Aaron Hazan, 35 Years High School Teacher Morah Sari Rohr, 31 Years Elementary & Resource Room Teacher Morah Betty Bensimon, 30 Years Elementary, High School & Resource Room Teacher Morah Vicky Szyf, 30 Years Elementary & High School Teacher; High School Bible Studies Department Head; High School Judaic Studies Department Head Morah Varda Sebbag, 28 Years Elementary & High School Teacher Morah Sara Mockin, 27 Years Elementary & High School Teacher ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mrs. Linda Lehrer, 31 Years Executive Director Mrs. Adele Sidel, 29 Years Administrative Assistant Mrs. Violet Horvath, 26 Years Comptroller EARLY CHILDHOOD STAFF Morah Shari Walfish, 31 Years CPE Teacher Morah Marcelle Alt, 29 Years CPE Teacher Morah Kathy Knafo, 25 Years Kindergarten Teacher SPECIALITY STAFF Mrs. Norma Newman, 36 Years Head Librarian Mrs. Myrna Halickman, 33 Years Resource Room Teacher Mr. Sheldon Kravitz, 28 Years Phys Ed High School & CPE Teacher ENGLISH & SECULAR STAFF Mrs. Elaine Druker, 34 Years Elementary & High School Teacher, Enrichment, High School Vice Principal; High School Principal; Head of High School Mrs. Joanne Druker, 28 Years Elementary & High School Teacher, High School English Department Head Mrs. Leona Lands, 27 Years Elementary Teacher Morah Elyse Haber, 26 Years Elementary Teacher; Elementary Director of English Studies and Technology Integration FRENCH STAFF Madame Simone Cohen, 43 Years Elementary Teacher, Section Française Morah Choula Friedman, 30 Years Elementary French & Judaic Studies Teacher Dedication Chazak V'Ematz 4