Floor hockey intramurals in the gym with nets made out plumbing pipes (Grade 7- Junior and Grades 9 to 11 - Senior). Very competitive and fun!...The legend of the principal, Mr. Alpert, crushing a mouse with his bare hand.... Everyone skipping school to watch Game 8 of the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series...First ever student council movie night (1975) with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as the first movie...I have fond memories and am still in touch with many of my classmates 40 years later. Dr. Jeffrey Tyberg, '76 I remember playing gym hockey with crushed mini chocolate milk cartons and, during the winter, ice hockey in the iced playground. -Joe Devon Editors’ note: Joe Devon moved to NY after Grade 6. His brother, Martin Devon ‘81, represented Hebrew Academy on Reach for the Top against Bialik in 1980! I remember when Young Israel amalgamated with Adath Israel, which I attended, in Grade 4, to form Hebrew Academy….One of the highlights was celebrating Rosh Chodesh and it was something I truly missed when I was at Herzliah. Mar Ralbag laid the strong foundation for my knowledge of Hebrew grammar; Rabbi Shpira inculcated a love of Talmud; the Dinim class that Rabbi Zryl taught had an impact on my future; expanding my English vocabulary with Miss Rabinovitch; learning about Australia with Ms. Wolfe, counting to three in Hebrew with Mar Helfield; Gveret Muskatel in her pose with fingers covering her nose; Mrs. Friedman stomping, Mrs. Drukman, Mrs. Langleben whose grandchildren went to school with two of my three girls, Mrs. Macklin, Mrs. Matarasso, Mar Arlin... Peter Hoffman developed my love of physical fitness, Mar Krashinsky, Mr. Vineberg - I now appreciate the Yiddish songs he taught us, Mrs. Salit in the lunchroom... -Ruth (Najman) Spodek Editors’ note: although Ruth ultimately graduated from Herzliah, we are grateful for her wonderful memories! Memories of the Chomedey bus – fighting for the back seat, although really, Sarena Black always got it ‘til she graduated. Watching Dina Delmar put on her eye makeup with such skill using the bus driver’s rear-view mirror and despite all the bumps. Sleeping on the bus during the two-hour ride and being woken up by your body smashing to the floor as the bus driver slammed on the breaks repeatedly for whatever reason. Playing Kent and any other card game we could think of to pass the time. Playing Donkey Kong ‘til the moment nausea hit and trying not to puke. Listening to CKOI, Mix 96 – no phones or iPods at the time, it was all we had to entertain ourselves, and we sang out loud all the time! Forgetting your lunch on the bus, your bag on the bus, your jacket on the bus, your sister on the bus…. -Tanya (Abitbol) Schecter, ‘93 " 27